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Our Mission

At DBJ, we value fashion not merely as a clothing. But rather, as an incomparable form of self-expression. It is how we communicate our personality, values, and creativity without having to say a word. Research even provides that dressing in a manner which reflects one’s own self-image enormously boosts self-confidence & supports a more positive self-perception. We get it. We love the feeling of putting on new outfit just as much as the next girl.  So why not buy the dress?


Well, in Australia alone 6000kg of clothing goes to land fill every 10 minutes! (Monash University, 2021). With new trends popping up every week, overconsumption in the fashion industry has become completely out of hand. & let’s not forget the huge price tag that comes with some of our favourite designer brands. Ouch!


Nevertheless, dress hire offers an economical option to keep you up the latest styles, while still reducing your environmental footprint. Hiring from DBJ means you can get that dream designer piece for just a fraction of the retail price (often 75% or more OFF RRP!). & with some DBJ items being worn 10+ times before even showing signs of wear, it’s clear that our designer pieces truly do deserve to be worn more than once.


Together, we are changing the future of fashion. Making the latest styles more accessible & sustainable. Now, you CAN get your dream dress; without having to feel guilty about spending too much or never wearing it again.


So, welcome to club DBJ: Your one-stop forever wardrobe <3



Jaz & the team